Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas at Nana & Pops'

Christmas started at Nana and Pops' on Christmas Eve morning. We got up and headed out to Greenville. The DVD player in our car has been wonderful!! Abs isn't that fond of the new front facing car seat and the ability to watch Veggie Tales has made life in the car much easier for EVERYONE. :)

And it starts....
She wasn't too sure what to do with all these wrapped gifts.

With the help of Andrea, she was able to see all of her neat gifts.

She knew what this was right away. Probably because I've forced lady bugs on her, her whole life.

By now, she figured it all out. She knew once the paper came off, there would be a neat surprise in there.

This toy brought me all the way back to Antioch Baptist Church. I remember playing with one of these there.

We got the boys Star Wars costumes for Christmas. Caden wore his all day long and even asked Andrea if he could put it back on Christmas Day to open the rest of his gifts.

Everyone needs and Uncle David

Abby has become very good at making all of her animal noises. Here she is with her daddy practicing.

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