Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas at Granny and Papa's

When we finally made it to OK to see Granny and Papa, we had a great time! Here's our yearly Christmas pic in front of the tree. We decided to take it before everyone else got there so that Abby would pay attention....or somewhat pay attention. We allowed Reggie to join our picture because Abby loves him so much!

Here's Jenny and Mackenzie
Here's Jenny's group
Or in her words, The Brady Bunch!!

Abby and her little bud, Reggie

This was sweet. This was the first time that we didn't have to convince her to open a gift. The present was sat in front of her and without anyone telling her what to do, she started opening it!!

Obviously, the best part about presents is the ribbons!

I love love love this!!! We gave Mackenzie some tennis shoes and I was able to take a picture of her running to Jenny to show her the shoes. She was so excited!!

Here's Stan about to open our "Santa" gift. We get a "Santa" gift every year. He got his first Santa in 1994 and we have them all over our house at Christmas time. You can see the Santa on the box. This year, the Santa gift came with another gift. A Wii!!!!! We were so excited. He hasn't stopped playing it! He is trying to get to be a Pro in all Wii Resort Sports.

Me and my sweet girl

It eventually was time for bed, but she had to break out some of her new bath toys and start playing. Anything to not have to go to bed at Granny's.

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