Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Her first Gift Exchange

Abby and Christopher had their first gift exchange. Abby got Christopher a "My First Christmas" ornament and a pair of darling cowboy boots. And Christopher gave Abby her first slinky and a precious lollipop ornament for her tree. (of course she has her own tree in her room!!) :)

Christopher dove right in!

So did Abby. They both acted like they open presents all the time. They are so grown up!

She actually loves this ornament, even though she doesn't look like it. Here she looks like she is trying to find the price tag. LOL!!

And he found them!

All smiles.
Christopher has a Pops too and I KNOW his Pops will love these little boots.

Modeling his present!
Ignore his bed head. Both he and Abby just woke up from their naps right before we started opening gifts.

Trying out the slinky didn't go so well for Abby. She got her fingers caught in it and threw the slinky across the room. We laughed so hard. Not that she hurt herself, but that she threw it. Jessica kept saying, "Oh no....she HATES it!" LOL!!!

Once she found her bunny, she was all better!

Merry Christmas Jessica & Christopher!! (& Ms. Map)
Thank you for our gifts and friendships!

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Thank you for the Merry Christmas wishes. Same to you!