Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas Abigirl!!
We woke up Christmas morning and had to take Abby to the living room to see what Santa brought her. She was so good this past year, I couldn't wait to see what he had in store. Her stocking was full of goodies. A Minnie Mouse soccer ball, pink socks, fruit strips, a jingle bell bracelet, movies, and little people figures were all joyfully packed in her stocking.

Then he also went all out and got her a Newborn Surprise Cabbage Patch Kid. We couldn't tell if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl so we had to hurry and open the box. :) Mommy was more than excited to find out.

Here she goes, we are unveiling the sex of the baby!
We are proud to introduce the newest little Wagnon Family member.........

It's a girl!!
According to her adoption papers, her name is Fernanda Fabiola.

Then it was off to see what Mommy and Daddy got little Miss. We decided to set the tradition to give her 3 gifts because on Jesus' birthday he received 3 gifts. And today, we celebrated HIS birthday.

Her first gift was a little people Nativity Set. She loved it!!

She got clothes as her second gift and the most precious boots ever as her third.

Here I am with one of my gifts. My Dustbuster!! It is fabulous. It's better than a dog, it doesn't need to be fed, just charged!

White Christmas 2009

After coming back inside from the snow, and for the rest of the day, Abby was loving on Fernanda. Every time I turned around, she was hugging her and giving her kisses.

Fernanda came with her own bottle. We feed her often.

And we even try to drink the milk that is in it. LOL!

Every year of Abby's life (all two of them) Stan has read the story of Jesus' birth from the Bible. He read it this year from her Bible so she would listen.
The very first gift we opened as a family was Baby Jesus from the Nativity set. I think I will wrap up a Baby Jesus every year. I want Abby to truly understand that HE is our gift during this season. There is a couple in our Sunday School class that gave me this idea. They even wrap up the Baby Jesus from their OUTSIDE Nativity set. LOL!!

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