Friday, June 19, 2009

8 months old

Here we are...another month older. I just can't believe it. She's going to be ONE in FOUR more months. Oh dear. :(

So stinkin' cute.

"YAY, it's my 8th month bday."

"Hey, come on friend. Let's get outta here."

"Oh wait, you want a kiss? sure."

"Where are our shoes?"


"Awwhhh, who's that little girl?"

"No more. I want that camera."

Here's just a snap shot of what I go through just to take these pictures.
Dear my sweet Abby! You are 8 month's old now. Growing, literally, by the minute. You started patting me on the back lately when I hold you. It's kinda like you are patting me and saying, "It's okay, it's okay momma." so sweet. You now roll all over the place in your crib. You will find yourself in the middle of the night on your tummy and you freak out because you don't know how to get back on your back. Oh, and you will even rock back and forth on your knees. That is if we put you on your knees to begin with. You jabber all the time. Da-Da, ba-ba, and Hi are just a few things you say. I love it when you start talking then you start screaming as if we didn't understand what you just said. Bows, no way, you're pulling them off. Books, you LOVE them. You love it when we read to you and when we leave you alone and let you EAT the book. ;) I love it! I love it all sweetie. On to the next you precious! - your Mommy

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Nicole said...

How wonderful Abby turned 8 months on my birthday! That brightened my day to see her beautiful smiling face! She's just adorable! Love, Nicole :)