Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not crawling yet

This post probably won't mean anything to anyone but me. I started getting a little emotional, yes again, the other day and wondering if I was capturing enough of Abby's life. She's not crawling yet, she doesn't even roll over, but she's so cute on her belly. She can twirl around and get what she wants, but she gets really frustrated when she can't move forward. She just buries her head down. I thought I better video this and capture it because before I know it, she'll be crawling everywhere....................and then she'll be graduating from high school. :(


Rick, Niki, and Caleb said...

I'm watching the video, and Caleb is loving it! Laughing and giggling! Should I tell him he's watching his future wife?

The Johnson Junket said...

She will be crawling before you know it! Audrey did the tummy twirl for a few days and then boom... away she went! I also think it is hilarious that when you were trying to get her to crawl to you, you made kissy noises like you would do to call a puppy. I always got told that Audrey was not a dog everytime I did that to her.
Enjoy the time with her, you're right... it goes by fast!