Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This post is way past due!! I'm trying to get up to date on all my blogging. So, let's back up to three weekend ago, Memorial Day Weekend. We started in Fairfield and ended up in Edmond and had a great time in between!

Here's our little Watermelon that we brought along with us!
Everyone was so excited to see Little Miss in person, rather than just in the blog pictures.
Here she is with Aunt Retha!
She was showing Leslie and Landry how she can untie the hat and eat the strings.

"Look Momma, these taste good."

I love this picture. This is a picture of my Granny's little garden she planted. I was so impressed with her gardening skillz. I thought it would be neat to put our little watermelon in her garden and take a picture. Obviously, her daddy didn't think it was my best idea. :)

She would NOT keep the hat tied on. She had a better idea for those strings.

Yep folks.....she just may end of having red hair. We'll see.

After our Reunion in Fairfield, we loaded up and headed north. There Abby got to see all of her OK family!

Here's PaPa holding his favorite little girls.

Here's Abby and her Granny.
My camera is crazy. Abs was smiling when I took the picture, but this is how it turn out. ugh...
Abby thought Aunt Lou had the best jewelry.
Here she is with Aunt Sarita, but still focusing on Aunt Lou's bracelets.

Here's what we gave her to stop lounging towards Aunt Lou's arm. :)

Everyone loves Aunt Lou. She'll sit with you and give you M&M's to eat.
Here's Aunt Lou and Mackenzie.
This was such a sweet moment to see. Here's Abby was playing with Lou and loving every minute of it. (yes, her name is Lou too.) Our Abby is named after her daughter Abby.

And I'll end with the best.

Here's Mackenzie making faces through the screen window. Hilarious!

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