Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Boys!!

Drew and Caden had their 2010 Birthday Parties last month. Caden turned 7 on Aug 25th and Drew turned 10 on Sept 25th. It's so hard to believe how fast they are growing up. The party started off at Andrea and David's house with pizza, presents and cake. Then we all loaded up and went bowling. Well, not me, I chased Abby around the bowling alley the whole time. :)

Here they are opening presents!

Yes, that's Abby sneaking in the living room to get what she wants as they open it. First, it was the balloon.

Next, it was another balloon. She didn't even care that the balloons were giving her static electricity in her hair. :)

Then it was a package of balls, that she insisted on someone opening for her even though they were NOT hers.

Mama and I gave them these Kung Fu Panda ZuZu pets. I think that's what they were called.

Baby Drew is 10!!! :(

Oh Caden. LOL! Andrea said that he likes to wear the white tanks underneath all of his shirts now. But all that he does is take the outer shirt off and just wear the white tank. His cheesy smile and shirt make this picture a keeper forever!! LOL!!

Abby is trying to convince her Daddy to open something else that she found in the boys presents that she can't live without.

They look so thrilled. LOL!!

Happy Birthday Boys!
Your favorite Aunt in the whole wide world loves you both so much!!

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