Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 School Picture Day!!

I still get a little emotional thinking that my little baby girl is now in the 2yr old class at school. :( But that's life, they must grow up and we must have picture day to prove how big they are. so sweet.

Here's Abby before we left for school in her picture day outfit!

She carried that comb and handful of cheerios all the way to school.
My sweet girl!!

When I picked her up from school, her hair was a DISASTER!!! Pig tails were all over the place and the bow was no where to be found. My immediate response was "please Lord, tell me her pictures won't look like this." The teacher came up to me and apologize for the way she looked and said that unfortunately her class was the LAST class to have pictures made. All the kids in Abby's class were crying by picture time because they hadn't eaten and were all ready for naps. That's when I'm sure Abby acted out and pulled the pig tails and bow out and the poor teachers tried to fix it. So much for the cute little outfit. TRUST me, you wouldn't have even noticed the outfit due to her hair. She said she "thought" Abby's turned out pretty good. At least that's what she told me anyway. As I was leaving, I heard her tell another mommy that her daughters pictures were not going to be the best....she cried the whole time.

The next day THANKFULLY I dressed Abby is another cute outfit because the teacher told me they were going to try and re-do the pictures.

Here she is on Picture day #2.

So Granny and Nana, who knows what the 2010 School Picture will look like. We shall wait and see! :)


Harriett said...

I can promise you, Granny and Nana will both LOVE them!

Seneca said...

Aw Jill, She looks like a cute little woman in these pics. Adorable!!