Friday, October 8, 2010

She once was 22 months!!

She turned 22 months on me and I told her it was time to take her picture with Mr. Bear. Only two more months I said, then we'll give it a rest. She immediately ran from me and into her room to hide. I should have just left her alone for a bit because I knew that she didn't want to pose for me in that moment. But, the stubbornness in me set in and I was determined to take her pictures right then.

I went into her room and look what I found.....she had climbed into her toy box with Mr. Bear! This my friends is the only half-way good shot I got of her that day. Sweet girl. She's definitely getting tired of these monthly photo shoots.

I took one picture and out she goes!

"No No NOT".....this means "Don't!!" in Abby language.

22 months old and already knows what she wants and doesn't want.

I think she thought here if she doesn't look at me then maybe I'll put the camera up. wrong.

Again, I keep taking pictures....hopeful for a great shot!

She learned this pose this month. If you don't want to go or do something, just throw yourself down on the floor and wait. While she waited, I took her picture.

"Seriously, Momma, STOP it!"

Mr. Bear definitely wins the photo shoot award. He never complained and always had a smile on his face.

She turned 22 months in August....

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