Friday, October 8, 2010

Rainbows and Diapers

PaPa came down last month to visit us for a night before him and Stan took off on their Father/Son Bucket list trip. We decided to take him out to our favorite restaurant, Manny's. It was kinda a muggy day and had been raining earlier. We we all unloaded out of the cars and we looked up to the sky to see a beautiful RAINBOW. The kind that made you smile just by looking at it and even better, it was huge!! There was no missing it. So so pretty. Abby knew right away what it was.

We got out the camera and started taking pictures. You can kinda tell from this photo how big it was. We thought we could surely find gold at the end because we were able to see it from end to end. Therefore, gold couldn't have been far away. ;)

As we kept looking at it and taking pictures, we noticed that it was a DOUBLE Rainbow. Even better!! So pretty! Look hard, can you see it?

Our double rainbow. Looks towards the right of the picture and you'll see it too!

I started noticing one week last month that I was missing diapers. I just knew I had bought some, but if you know our little Abby, she goes through diapers like they are completely 100% Free!! She goes all the time. So off to the store I went after more.

When I got home with the new pack, I started putting them in her diaper hanger. That's when I noticed that she had conveniently threw about 10 diapers or so in the TRASH. Yes, the trash! I couldn't believe it. Then as I kept cleaning her room, look what else I found.....

Yes, you guessed it....Diapers in the Clothes Hamper. I forgot now how many it was exactly, but I did count them that day and called my mom to "tell" on her. It was about 27 or so diapers. That little rascal. At least the missing diaper mystery had been solved.

Now, if I have to refill her diapers in her diaper hanger, I make sure she is no where to be found. Because as soon as I leave, she starts to disperse them around her room.

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