Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Abby's First Haircut

Saturday, we headed out to Cool Cuts for Kids to get Abby's haircut for the first time. She has a rather large cow-lick in the front of her hair line and it's awfully thin in the back. I just wanted something to kinda shape it up a bit. Here's some before pics.
Back Before

She wouldn't look at me for a picture, so these are the best I could get of the before.

Here she is sitting in the Taxi waiting to get her haircut.

Casey, the hair stylist, gave her a dum dum to keep her occupied. This worked until she broke out the water bottle and started squirting her head with water. Then Abby panicked.

She even turned on a movie to try and help....nothing worked. Abby cried and cried and wanted out of the taxi ASAP.

Sweet little Macy Kate slept through the whole thing.

Here was Stan trying to comfort her.

Still crying

It was so traumatic that I didn't get an "after" shot. That's okay though, just look at the before pic and you can see it. ;) There is really no difference at all. She only cut about 1/2 inch off the back.

Poor girl. You would have thought I took her to the dr's office. :( If you ask her if she got her hair cut she'll say yes and that she cried. Wish us luck if it keeps growing and we have to go back to the dreaded taxi chair.

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Shannon said...

Hi! I got my mistletoe a long time ago from a store I used to work at. I've never seen any like it since but I did see "kissing balls" at Hallmark yesterday. They were similar but with little red berries on them.