Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Candy

Abby and I had a fun time making Christmas candy for Santa. Now that I'm posting this blog, I hope to do something like this every year with the girls, but at the time....I swore I would never do it again. We ended up with 5 million sprinkles all over the place. I'm still stepping on those tiny little dots.

She was so sweet making her candy. At first, she was picking up the sprinkles one by one. I'm not kidding. I thought this would be mess free, but may take us 2 years to finish. So I showed her a faster way to decorate and our mess slowly starts to take place.

Her little works of art.

"So pretty" she kept saying.

So sweet. love her!!

Here is where she realized that her works of art tasted so good!! And it was down hill from there. She was eating them as fast as I could make them. Hopefully, I caught all of the half eaten ones. hopefully!


I bet she has already eaten 15 of these pretzels by this point.

Once I started picking up the pretzels, she needed another way to release her creativity. She started mixing the sprinkles.
Green with Red

Green with Rainbow

Rainbow with Green

I took this picture and then immediately threw the camera down and picked her up. She was being so good just mixing her sprinkles, then all the sudden, she started smearing those red sprinkles all over the place. It became the biggest MESS within seconds!!

Here's a video of her making her candy before it turned into a sprinkle war zone!

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