Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Playdate with "Clifford"

Clifford, aka Christopher, and Abby get together once every week or so just to play. This week, Christopher came over and they headed outside.

"Mommy, let me grab my hat!"

"Wait a minute...what happened here?"

"Look what I found Jess!"
I'm not sure why one of my measuring spoons was outside, but I'm pretty sure I know who to blame for it. Oh well, to her, it's an outside toy now. :)

"Come on Clifford!"

I'm pretty sure he was thinking...."Why are you running, I'm not chasing you?" or maybe it was...."Why does she have the chalk and a measuring spoon?"

love her stockings

heehee....this picture makes me laugh!!

Favorite new hiding place. Little does she know I can always find her.

"Addy, come back!"

"Let's go back inside!"

"You hear that? Its a airoplane!"

so sweet

Sweet boy. He is obsessed with his ABCs. Jessica wrote them all out and he would slide over each one saying what it was. His pants were covered in pink chalk. :)


Harriett said...

Sweet, sweet pictures. Can't get enough of seeing these kids grow.

Seneca said...

So I assume that Clifford is how Abby says, "Christopher". That is sooo funny. One of your cutest posts ever.