Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our first gift exchange

Jessica and I have always had this rule as long as I can remember that we will just be friends for Christmas. No gifts. But when we started having kids, we had to let them have their own little gift exchanges. So here we are at our first gift exchange of the 2010 Christmas Season!

Abby, Clifford is coming over! (Yes, Abby calls Christopher, Clifford. And he calls her, Addy.) No, she screams. They act like they don't like each other, but deep down, I know their hearts are full of love for one another! :)
Macy Kate, Clifford is coming over.
And, she sleeps!

Sweet Boy! Hey there Clifford!!

Jessica wrapped Addy's present with a blowpop in the ribbon. Abby noticed that right away!! She could have just given her the blowpop and would have earned points with Abs. But the Nemo movie was the perfect gift!!

We gave Christopher two cars from the movie "CARS".

And, she's back to the blowpop again.

This picture makes me laugh so much. They are looking at each other like, "don't even think about coming over and taking my new presents!"

Oh the love they share! LOL! This was our attempt at getting them to stand next to each other by the Christmas Tree. Look how far away they are from each other. LOL!! That's as close as they got!

I think he loves it!

Ignore how awful I look. Here's Macy Kate getting her "My first Christmas" ornament from Jess. So sweet! It was precious!!

Christopher was using Jess' leg as a ramp.

We got Baby Clara Rose hair bows as a gift. I'm so excited that Jessica is going to have a little girl.

Abby finally got the wrapper off of the blowpop. :) And now she's back to her usual, dinging that bell on the tree. LOL!
We had a great time!! It's so weird to see ourselves as Mommy's and getting gifts for our kids. It's like we are now grown-ups or something.

Later that night we went out to dinner. Here's Abby, NOT eating her food, but enjoying her movie on my phone.

She thinks she knows how to operate it.

Guess she figured it out. Not sure if she sent out any crazy text messages or prank called anyone, but either way, she made her way back to the movie. :)

We went Christmas Light Lookin' after dinner. One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time. I love the houses with the awful lights just as much as the good ones. This was the first year that Abby didn't sleep the whole time and actually enjoyed the lights as much as I did. She would point out all the colors she saw and all the figurines that she knew, Santa, Snowman, etc. It was so sweet. I can't wait for next year to go and look at lights again with her!

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