Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Abby's Nativity Set

I took this picture of Abby's Nativity Set early in December. Notice anything unusual? Well, to begin with baby Jesus and the Angel have switched rolls. She likes to put baby Jesus on top of the manger instead of inside of it. :) And, we are missing a Wise Man and a sheep.
The week before Christmas, I finally broke down and cleaned her room top to bottom looking for the Wise Man and the sheep. I looked everywhere, inside the clothes hamper, toy box, bed, underneath the bed, trash can, etc. I was about to give up until something caught my eye in the shutters in her room. Do you see what I see?

Yep, here they were!! Our missing pieces. I ran to show Abby what I had found and she acted like she knew they were in the window seal the whole time. I was so excited we had the full set and would have the full set for Christmas.
All was great until later that day, the cow went missing as well. :/ Luckily I found the cow under her bed.

Notice anything wrong with these Christmas figurines?

Look closer, Santa is missing. He's left his boots on top of the "o" but he's gone.

Another work of Abby. She broke this Santa off and carries him around with her. Now, he's missing. Guess I'll find him someday. :) Maybe he'll show up next year.

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