Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Frisco Safety Town

We decided at the last minute to head out to Frisco's Safety Town and walk around to see if Abby would enjoy the Christmas lights. Each of the little buildings were decorated with lights and sponsored by local businesses. They were giving out balloons, had face painting stations, and even places where you could EMAIL your list to Santa.

I thought this tractor was cool. I especially like the two "kids" in the picture.

Macy Kate slept the whole time. It was a little chilly outside and she was all warm and cozy in her car seat.

As we walked around, we saw this rather short line for Santa. We knew that this probably wasn't going to go well, but it was worth a try. AND, it was free. You could take your own picture and didn't have to pay $30 for a 5x7. Stan kept talking to Abby about sitting in Santa's lap. She was all for it. UNTIL, we walked inside and I went to sit her in his lap. That was NOT going to happen. Oh well, we tried. And of course, the moment we leave, she's talking about seeing Santa again.

I guess all the commotion of Abby not sitting in Santa's lap woke this little one up. :) She even has bed-head.

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