Thursday, December 2, 2010

2010 Christmas Cards

Jessica out did herself once again. She designed these super super cute Christmas cards for us that I could not wAIT to get in the mail. Hopefully by now, everyone has received theirs, so I'm able to post this. The cards are 4.5 folded on pearl paper......the sweetest cards ever!!





KathyD said...

Rena said our visit and the baby really lifted Mama's spirit. She stuck your Christmas card in her sweater to show to someone at the Nursing Home. So glad she was having a good day that day.

Jill said...

UGH...I told this blog not to post until tonight, but it did it anyways. Oh well. I hope Harriett and Jenny check their mail before reading this post.

I know, I'm glad Granny had a good day that day as well. :)

Nicole said...

Um, I have not received my Christmas card yet!! Oh, but maybe it's in the mail today. If not, these are fantastic pictures & what a very sweet family you have. Love the card! :)

Nicole said...

Uh, I have not received my Christmas card yet Jill! ;) Oh, but maybe it will be in my mailbox tonight. Either way, such beautiful pictures of your sweet family! Love them! :)

Seneca said...

Beautiful Christmas card Jill. I love how Abby has her Dum Dum in her hand. Madison is addicted to those things. I mailed our Christmas cards on yesterday and will be posting the card on tomorrow.

Evan and Nicole said...

Love it!!! sooooo precious!