Monday, December 13, 2010

Introducing......Baby Jesus Wagnon! :)

The one good thing about having your babies in October, they will become the perfect size to play the role of baby Jesus in your local Cantata. :) Abby was baby Jesus when she was this size, now it's Macy Kate's turn. :)

Okay, I'll admit it....we love playing Mary and Joseph just as much! :)

Here's the virgin Mary with her newborn baby Jesus

Oh, and here's baby Jesus' sister Abby

Action! All we had to do was sit there. Stan wanted a speaking part, but they refused.

Here we are right before I had to hand off baby Jesus to her aunt Andrea. She is still colicky and we didn't think she would last the whole time. Sure enough, she didn't. Therefore I pulled out our handy backup baby Jesus underneath our seat.

So fun, thanks for having us First Missionary Baptist in Terrell! :) We will happily mail any autographs you request.


Rick, Niki, and Caleb said...

I AM LAUGHING OUT LOUD AT THIS POST!!!! Love y'all! Virgin Mary, Baby Jesus, and Jesus' sister Abby! Ha ha! Oh, and Joseph, too! You should sign up to do live nativitys all over town.

Taylor said...

I LOVE the look on Jesus' sister, Abby's face! too darn cute! :-)