Thursday, October 9, 2008

34 weeks in the Hospital

Well, long story short, I go to the dr yesterday because I thought my blood pressure was a little high. Come to find out, it was high enough for her to send me straight to labor and delivery to be monitored and I was informed that I would be staying the night. "Can I at least go home and get my pj's and stuff?" The nurse snickered, "NO!, you can not even leave the building." Was she kidding me?! I know that she thought I was crazy because of the way I just sat there and starred at her. But, despite what she thought, I wasn't the crazy one....she was!

I called Stan and said, "Good News, Bad News". "Good News is that I lost 1 pound! :) Bad news is that they are sending me to labor and delivery to be monitored and you need to come up here." LOL. He was a little stunned to say the least!

Since then, my blood pressure has gone up and down and has constantly been on the high side but it's getting better. Hopefully, it will stay low. I have to capture my urine for 24 hours so that it can be checked for protein. Depending upon those results, there is a possibility I will be able to go home around 7pm tonight.

We had a sonogram this morning and got to see the baby again and Baby Girl is doing great!!! Plenty of fluid and weighing about 4 lbs and 14 oz. And she's definitely a GIRL....I had the dr check one more time. Because if he told me that Baby Girl was actually Baby Boy, I knew that they were going to have to admit me and call the psychiatrist.

All in all, we were given three options here: 1) Bed rest at home 2) Bed rest at the hospital 3) Deliver the baby. I was confused, I was waiting for option 4) None of the above. But, that was never said.

Jessica came by last night, showing off her cute new hair-do. Big Greg was also here last night because he came up for the 9:00pm feeding for the triplets. All the nurses are super nice to me because they all know that I am one of Kelley and Greg's friends and she was here on bed rest for quite some time before the babies were born.

Today's been an okay day. I did cry when Stan left this morning for work. Just overwhelmed I think. But today I've had lots of visitors to make me feel better and pass away the time until Stan gets off work. I've seen, Kelley & Big Greg, Andrea, & Tina. Thanks everyone for coming to see me!

That's it for today. I'll update again later with what we find out tonight and if I get to go home! Thanks for your prayers and all the phone calls!!!


Jessica & Matt said...

Jillie. You tell the nurse next time that if you want to go home, she can not legally make you stay there. You are the boss of you. I would have told her that I was going to drive my butt home, get my stuff, give my puppies some love (maybe shave Sasha), and I would be back later.

JordanG said...

I love you, girl! We are praying for you and Baby Girl and whatever happens, we're thanking God that He knows the best plan for the health of both of you. Thank goodness for that mother's intuition that sent you to the doctor yesterday!

Donkeyfunny said...

Awww. We will be praying for you! Glad Baby Girl is doing well!!

The Rowe Crew said...

Hey girlie!!! Well, I'm just glad they are taking such good care of you and baby girl...even if you have to be there a while, it't totally worth it to keep you guys safe! I'm praying right now.