Saturday, October 18, 2008

The waters have broke

Hi, this is Stan (aka the husband).

At about 6:00 PM on Saturday, Jill's "waters broke." This was the term our child birth education teacher kept using, so I figured it must be official. Anyhow, I had been at the Cotton Bowl all day for a football game, and luckily I was already driving to the hospital and only a few minutes away. She called me at 6:30 after they'd determined exactly what happened, and she called again as I was entering the hospital to say "this is definitely it."

By 7:00 PM, they had moved Jill to Labor and Delivery. At first check, she had dilated to four centimeters already. By 9:30 PM, she was at six centimeters. The nurse thinks Baby Girl will be here in the next few hours.

Jill had serious back pain initially. She was administered an epidural at about 8:30 PM and is feeling much better now!

I'll try to update periodically as I can. Just remember us in your prayers. Thanks!

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Seneca said...

Woo hoo, we are so excited for baby girl to enter this world and to finally find out her name!