Monday, October 13, 2008

Bed rest over the weekend

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Saturday my parents came over and my mom put together Baby Girl's room for me. I mean, it was a MESS! I tried to sit in the rocking chair and tell her where I wanted things, but my blood pressure shot up again and I was back to laying down on the couch. So, it was her all by herself. She organized things, hung things on the wall, washed her clothes, took things out of boxes and vacuumed. Now, I may not ever find anything, but at least everything now has a home. She even made Baby Girl the cutest little toy box.

I was going to take a before picture but a picture would not have done justice. So, here's the after shot. Thanks Mama!!

This is a picture of the inside of her bed. The little outfit to the left is the one that we will bring her home in.

Here's the toy box that Mama made her. It's super cute. Stan said "Yeah, it's cute. Until Baby Girl decides one day to start plucking away and we have feathers all over our house." :) We'll just have to deal with that then. For now, it's so cute!

For the rest of the weekend, we watched football. It was kinda depressing, most all of the teams that we, or he I should say, were routing for didn't win. It was frustrating. Then Sunday was really strange with Stan going to church and me laying in bed. It's weird that I will not be back at church until after she is here.

I head back to the dr this afternoon. Please pray a prayer for us. My blood pressure has not been great this weekend. We really want what is best for Baby Girl and I want her to be safe at all times. That's it for now, I'll update later today after my appt.


JordanG said...

Thank goodness for great mamas! You'll be helping baby girl with things like this one day!

Rick, Niki, & Beaner said...

What a cute room!!! Let me know how the doctor goes - I'm praying!!

Jessica & Matt said...

Jillie! Wow! Your mom was out of CONTROL! Of course, I'm not surprised... This post makes it really real that you're having a baby girl! CRAZAAAZAAY.