Friday, October 10, 2008

We're home!!

We were discharged last night from the hospital!! I am just beyond excited. The test came back on my protein levels and there was virtually no protein there! So for now, I get to take my bed rest home to my own bed until the baby gets here. I know that time will fly by, but I also know that it's going to be so hard.

Stan is trying to keep my spirits up, ya know, by calling me names. He walked into the bedroom last night after his big win in softball and said, "Hey there Bedrest!" Then this morning he saw my urine jugs, as I have to give another 24 hour urine sample for the dr on Monday, and he said, "The URINEATOR!!!!!" I know, he's so funny. :\

My blood pressure this morning wasn't great. So, just keep me in your prayers. I'm hoping that it will just magically go down. I have another dr appt on Monday and I do not want her to admit me again on Monday. I want to have a really good weekend.

My mom is coming tomorrow to help straighten up and organize the baby's room, as there is lady bug stuff all over the place. Stan's family has also offered to come and do whatever. We are so thankful for everyone that has offered to help! We really appreciate it!

That's it for now, signing off from my bed.


Taylor said...

Hey, Bedrest!!!!!! I'm praying for you, missy!

Donkeyfunny said...

Stan. is. FUNNY!

Still praying for you!

Rick, Niki, & Beaner said...

I'm so glad you're able to update your blog!!! I've been wondering how you are, but girl, I can't get 5 minutes to sit down and find my phone. I'm sorry you're on bedrest but so glad you maybe can do it at home! I'll be praying!!

Stan - hilarious! I'm reading your blogs to Rick and we're cracking up. Thanks for the entertainment - it's few and far between here in the hospital!