Monday, October 13, 2008

So Far, So Good....

My dr appt this afternoon went pretty good if you ask me. I'm not on hospital bed rest this week. Yippee!! But, she did tell me that there was a 100% chance that if I keep going like I'm going that I will end up on hospital bed rest before the baby gets here. She said we will take it one visit at at time, but for me to be prepared with each visit to stay in the hospital until the baby gets here. :( My next dr appt is on Friday, and we'll see how it goes then.

My blood pressure was high when I got into her office and she asked me if I drove in to see her. I said yes, because she said that was okay. She said, "Well, okay. Not anymore. From here on out, you are not allowed to drive anywhere." So, no more driving for me. Because of this, I took the long way home from the dr office just to enjoy driving a bit longer.

She also said it is pretty much a guarantee that the baby will be here early. She said she wants me to make it to 37 weeks, which will be around the 1st of November.

My visit today was 3 1/2 hours long because she wanted to do a 1 1/2 hour long non-stress test on the baby and see her movement compared to her heart rate. It took forever but it was good to hear her say that the baby looked great and she liked her movement! Which is funny because Baby Girl knows when you want her to move and usually at that time she'll conveniently decide to take a nap. I'm surprised she moved as much as she did. But finally today she cooperated.

We'll have a sonogram on Friday to see the baby again. That should be fun. Basically, I'll go twice a week from here on out and either have a sonogram or a non-stress test at each visit. So my 1 hour office visits are now extending in length.

So far, So good. Thank you for all your prayers!! I'm back home, laying down. Yes, Stan, on my left side! :)

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Rick, Niki, & Beaner said...

I can't believe she'll be here early! Can you believe how close it is???? I'm so excited! I'm glad you're not in the hospital - even if you eventually will be. The good news is, the food is pretty good there I think. :)