Monday, September 8, 2008

Your Daddy's been working

Hey Sweet girl! - I just realized that I didn't write you a letter last month. So, this post will be for you. I can't believe in just about 10 short weeks we'll be able to hold you. I even start going to the dr. every two weeks now. Dr. Clark told me last week that you'll be here before we know it. We are so ready to see and hold you.

Did you know that you are moving around so much lately? You go crazy right after I eat something....anything. You start kicking and rolling over. It's such a sweet feeling. Your Daddy saw you kicking me this Sunday at church. I'm not sure if you were ready to leave the service or you were saying "Amen!" and raising your hands to what Pastor Gary had to say. Actually, I wasn't even listening to the pastor, I was watching you! LOL!! Either way, your Daddy was impressed with your skills. Although, neither of us are that much into soccer, I'm sure we'll be up for whatever you are into playing.

Your Daddy has been working really hard this weekend on the furniture for your room. Here's a picture of the cradle that he put together that my friend Claudia is letting us borrow. You'll sleep in this right after you are born. It matches perfectly with the furniture in our room. It does rock, which I love and I'm sure you will too. But your Daddy needs to learn how to rock it gently before we lay you in it. He was practicing this weekend and you would have seriously flown out on the couch if you were really in it.

Here's your crib!!! Your furniture will be black. It's so pretty and after he finished putting it together he did not have any extra pieces that he didn't know what to do with!

This is your dresser that he sanded down and painted black for you. Oh and he bought all new knobs for it as well. It looks so good in your room. You can also see your little car seat on the floor too. It's amazing that you have to have a $200 seat to ride in everywhere. But whatever keeps you safe!

I think that covers all the projects from this weekend. Here he is admiring his work of arts. He was really tired and sweaty by the time it was all finished!

We love you sweet girl. You keep moving around and keep growing strong. We can't wait to see you face to face in November. Oh, and by the way, Jessica is going to have a boy!! So, now it's between Jessica's baby Christopher and Niki's baby Caleb, you'll have two choices of men that you can date and eventually marry. It's not really an arranged marriage......but kinda! love you - Momma and Daddy


Rick, Niki, & Beaner said...

Love it!! The nursery looks great! Please tell the little girl that I will TRY to get Caleb to quit putting his feet in his face before she has to make her decision!

These posts are so sweet. I was just about to start crying, seriously, when Caleb kicked me in the ribs and distracted me. Oh, and I was watching Caleb instead of listening in church for a little while this weekend too ... and my husband was the preacher! :)

Jessica & Matt said...

Jill! Yay!!! Your nursery is really coming together!!! And good for Stanley, getting it all done. I think if we were 10 weeks away, MattBurk would be more motivated. :) He's into it and all (sometimes more than me), just not in any hurry just yet.

So we're ready for her! And we're ready to know her name! But now that you've waited this long to tell, you should just not tell until she's actually born. Seriously. You might as well!

Okay, I love the room. And love you. Bah.

Wendy said...

The nursery looks lovely, Jill! Your precious little girl will be here before you know it. Just hang in there. The Lord will be your strength. <><

Jaelan said...

How sweet. Her room is going to be precious-just like our little baby girl!

:) I cannot wait to meet her! Looks like everything is coming together.

(P.S. I am sooo tired of twirling. I like performing, but it's a serious waste of my time.)

Daphine said...

What a sweet sweet letter!

You should print these letters out and put them in a little book for her and give to her when she's older. Such precious words from a mommy's heart.

Take care and be blessed~

Donkeyfunny said...

Dang! I like that dresser. Red hair, blue eyes. Giggly. That's my guess. Oh, and Emma that's my other guess. I think you should raffle off that name knowledge. Someone will pony up.